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JPL Improves R8 Poly Bag & MNI-25 Packaging

JPL is proud to announce packaging improvements to our high-quality flexible ductwork products.

As we all know, warehouse space is a premium and freight costs are increasing monthly. JPL is significantly reducing your warehouse space and outbound delivery costs to store & ship MHP25R8B, PR25R8B & MNI-25.

Effective immediately 4” thru 16” R8 Poly Bags will be shipped in 4 high bundles (previously only 3 high). This packaging change will reduce your R8 warehouse space by 25%! For your information – 18” & 20” R8 will also be available in cartons and Poly Bags in August 2019.

JPL’s non-insulated MNI-25, 5” thru 20” is now shipped 4 pieces per carton (previously 3 pieces). 3”, 4” MNI-25 will continue to be shipped 12 pcs per carton. In addition, JPL now packages all MNI-25 in individual Poly Bags which makes smaller contractor orders easier to pull and ship.

Attached is JPL’s updated Packaging Guide dated May 20, 2019. Changes are highlighted in red. Remember: Full pallet orders of 4 high bundles of R8 Poly Bags will ship on all new orders placed on or after May 20, 2019. MNI-25, 5” thru 20” 4 pieces per carton are being shipped immediately. Updated MNI-25 product data sheet also attached.

Contact JPL Customer Service if you have any additional questions.

Contact: JPL Customer Service
JP Lamborn Co.
800-255-FLEX (3539)

MNI 25 Product Data Sheet 5-2019_Page_1


Packaging guide May 20 2019_Page_1

Packaging guide May 20 2019_Page_2


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