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Flexible Air Ducts Under Assault for illogical Reasons

The Air Duct Council (ADC) emphatically disagrees with the proposed arbitrary five (5) feet length limit of flexible air ducts for residential applications in the next edition of the Uniform Mechanical Code (UMC). No technical justification has been provided...

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JPL Advertising is Generating Brand Recognition & Pull through Business for JPL Distributors

JPL has been busy the last several years advertising our brand, products and features. JPL distributors have benefited from these efforts. The national edition of the HVAC Insider has been our favorite way to deliver the message. It’s not...

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Customer Spotlight – Heating & Cooling Supply Co.

Heating & Cooling Supply Co. was established by Ralph Winterbottom on November 15, 1942. It was incorporated under the laws of the state of Iowa on December 28, 1955 as Heating & Cooling Supply Co. Inc. In the early...

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JPL Customer Service Goes the Extra Mile

JPL Customer Service is a small team of highly trained & professional customer advocates. Exceeding expectations & making the purchase of JPL products easy & accurate is their goal. JPL Customer Service recently added a few new faces and...

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