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Dependable Lead

Dependable Lead-Times Require Commitment & Planning   One of JPL’s “Claims to Fame” is our reliable Lead-time service on a year around basis. Dependable lead-times are something we take seriously. Our “Turn & Earn” customers rely on our ability...

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Experience the Difference

  All of our competitors get a “passing grade” complying with UL-181 testing. Many of the 16 UL-181 tests date back to 1962 when the Standard was first adopted. UL-181 has been a solid standard over the years especially...

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Upcoming Product Shows – Stop By and Say Hello

HARDI Conference – Pulse December 8, 2019 Booth # 318 Hilton Riverside New Orleans, LA Visit with John Lamborn, John Phillips, Mike Sfura, Bart Hodson & Kurt Govero     AHR Expo February 3-5, 2020 Booth # 6280 Orange...

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Featured Product – MNI25 Non-Insulated

MNI25 Non-Insulated UL-181 Connector shipments Increase! A competitive price is always important but high quality and improved packaging have made MNI25 shipments soar this year! High quality in a non-insulated flex duct is easy to identify. JPL’s MNI25 is...

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