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Customer Spotlight – Minnesota Air

Welcome to Minnesota Air Minnesota Air is a family-owned business serving the HVAC industry. Our roots go back to the early 1950s when our first-generation owners founded one of the largest independent plumbing wholesalers in the United States. Minnesota...

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Benoist Brothers Supply Co

  Benoist Brothers Supply Co. is a 92-year old family-owned wholesale distributor of heating and air conditioning products. We supply HVAC contractors of all sizes with innovative products from the industry’s top manufacturers for a complete range of residential...

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Manufactured Housing Flex Duct

JPL Manufactured Housing Flex Duct (MH-25) is offered in R4.2 & R-8 Thermal Values. Manufactured Housing (aka Mobile-Homes) in specific regions of the country now require R-8 Thermal Value insulation (previously installations only required R4.2). Manufactured Housing is found...

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