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Philanthropic Endeavors

JP Lamborn Co. has a philosophy of supporting the organizations in the communities where our employees reside. As a rule of thumb, the company earmarks 10% of profit to be spent on charities and not-for-profit organizations. Because the donations...

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50’ foot flex duct has been a staple of JPL’s growth & success since the 50’ lengths were introduced in 1984 (28-years ago). Background – Almost all flex ducts prior to 1984 were made only in 25’ lengths. Flex...

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Johnstone Supply

CUSTOMER SPOTLIGHT – Johnstone Supply JPL knows that product quality, service, competitive posturing and business ethics are only part of a winning strategy. That’s why JPL partners with the best HVACR distributors in the country. The Ware family introduced...

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50′ Now in Poly-Bags

JPL’s Waste-Saving 50′ flex duct – Now available in poly bags “I would buy flex duct in 100′ lengths if I could,” said Todd Owsley, owner of Precision Heating in Salt Lake City, Utah. “It’s pretty simple, 50s give...

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