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AMBlue the 2nd Generation

JP Lamborn Co. is pleased to announce a new and improved 2nd generation of our popular AMBlue Antimicrobial flex duct. AMBlue antimicrobial flex duct was introduced by JPL in 2004 and was the first insulated flexible air duct specifically...

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State Distributors

JPL Customer Appreciation Corner When you look up the definition of “lean, mean, fighting machine,” chances are you may find a reference to a HVAC wholesaler in Oklahoma City named State Distributors, Inc. JPL first had the pleasure of...

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Philanthropic Endeavors

JP Lamborn Co. has a philosophy of supporting the organizations in the communities where our employees reside. As a rule of thumb, the company earmarks 10% of profit to be spent on charities and not-for-profit organizations. Because the donations...

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50’ foot flex duct has been a staple of JPL’s growth & success since the 50’ lengths were introduced in 1984 (28-years ago). Background – Almost all flex ducts prior to 1984 were made only in 25’ lengths. Flex...

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