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Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab Remodels, Selects JPL’s AMBlue II Antimicrobial Flex Duct

The Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory has selected JPL’s AMBlue II as the flex duct of choice for its interior renewal project. The latest phase of the interior renewal project took place in April and May of this year,...

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ADC Look for the Logo

JPL, along with other major flex duct manufacturers, founded the Air Diffusion Council (ADC) in 1988. Since ADC’s founding, JPL has been an active participant and member for 27 years. By 1988, flex duct was the air distribution system...

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AMBlue Fact Sheets

JPL has created a quick read, easy to understand, AMBlue Fact Sheet for contractors to give to homeowners as they consider their IAQ options. Click here to look at the inside cover of the AMBlue Fact Sheet. We have...

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1.5″ Wire Pitch

The importance of 1.5″ wire pitch, heavier wire gauge and positive wire cast The minimum wire helix in a Class 1 air duct is determined by UL-181 impact and collapse tests. The impact test requires dropping a 15-pound sandbag...

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