One Company – One Method – One Goal

Practicing what one preaches is easier said than done. To that end, JPL adopted Best Practice Manuals (BPM) years ago to standardize what we do and how we do it. With 4 plants and many employees across the country “Best Practices” allows JPL to be one company, one method and one goal. JPL’s “Best Practices” creates & supports “Best in Class” Quality, Safety, Service and Business Ethics.

In September JPL’s Operations management team met for 2 days in Denver. 13 operations employees (lead by Jason Lamborn) representing 4 facilities came together to review, update and create “Best Polices” that will be followed by the entire company. This team meets at least once a year to improve & enhance JPL’s company wide practices.

JPL team

JPL team 2 JPL team 3
JPL team 4 JPL team 5

JPL team 6


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