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JPL Flex Duct Selected for the Metro-North Railroad’s Stamford, CT Transportation Center – Definitions of Buy America Act – Buy American Act – Made in the USA

JPL flex duct was selected for use on a recent new construction project at Metro-North Railroad’s Stamford, CT Transportation Center also known as the Stewart B. McKinney Transportation Center.  The Stamford Transportation Center, is the second-busiest station on the New Haven line of the Metro-North Railroad system, after Grand Central Station.

JPL Flex Type: MHP25R6B (Metalized, reinforced vapor barrier, R6 insulation).

JPL Wholesaler: Portland Winair Co.

Contractor: Sarracco Mechanical Services, Inc., Naugatuck, CT.

All products installed on this project were required to comply with the Federal Transportation Authority Buy America Act.  JPL is in full compliance with the provisions and guidelines set forth in the Buy America Act. JPL is also in full compliance of the Buy American Act and Made in the USA.  For your information, JPL has attempted to describe (below) the 3 definitions.

The statements – Made in the USA, Buy American and Buy America Act can be confusing. What exactly does each statement mean? JPL will attempt to clear up the confusion of the Buy America, Buy American, and Made in the USA statements.

Buy America Act
The Buy America Act (the more stringent Act), was created to support American-made products for specifically the transportation infrastructure industry.  This act requires 100% of the components (not sub-components) of supplies and construction materials to be made in the United States. Not only does the product being manufactured have to be made in the USA, but the components that go into making the product must also be made in the USA. JPL can proudly say we meet the requirements of the Buy America Act as all JPL flexible air ducts and components that go into making the duct are manufactured in the USA.

Buy American Act
The Buy American Act was written to support American-made products used in federal buildings and facilities.  Less strict of a requirement than the Buy America Act, it requires 51% of the total cost of the components of the completed project to be made in the United States.  This means that 51% of the total cost of the materials in the construction project must come from products manufactured in the United States.  As a product that is manufactured only in the United States, JPL flexible air duct will assist the general contractor in meeting the 51% cost of American made products and components.

Made in the USA
The Federal Trade Commission monitors products that state they are “Made in the USA”.  The Commission requires that a product advertised as “Made in the USA” be “All or virtually all” made in the United States.  According to the Trade Commission “All or virtually all” means that all significant parts and processing going into the product must be of U.S. origin. JPL manufactures the inner core, outer jacket, and finished ducting at U.S. based manufacturing plants. In addition, JPL purchases 100% of its’ fiberglass insulation, adhesives, polyethylene vapor-barriers and poly-bags from US based manufacturers.


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