Truckload to Williston

We typically highlight a notable installation that’s either a large project, a recognizable location or a unique application of our product. This Notable installation is more about a place rather than a product or project.


Early this summer Southern Pipe Supply asked JPL PMS Color Logo to quote a job shipping to Williston, North Dakota. The project was a large apartment complex and the HVAC contractor was from the Gulf States and had a long standing relationship with Southern Pipe Supply. JPL PMS Color Logo Denver facility was the logical shipping point to North Dakota.

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JPL PMS Color Logo got the order. The order was a full truckload of MHP25R6B! We were thrilled but confused? How can a tiny town in northwest North Dakota on the banks of the Yellowstone River consume 6 miles of insulated flex duct delivered on 1 shipment and to be installed on only 1 job? Google came to the rescue and our questions were answered. Williston was “shale oil fracking” ground zero. Oil was being pumped out of this region faster than a speeding bullet and the local population was exploding. In the year 2000, Williston had 12,000 residents and by 2014 the population had doubled to 25,000. The lack of permanent housing was a huge problem as the town had more mobile homes and RV’s than most large retirement communities in Florida. The American wild west reborn. FYI – to learn more about the American wild west reborn watch “Blood & Oil” Sunday nights @ 9:00 pm CT.


Unfortunately what goes up eventually goes down and the new wild west has taken a “time out”. OPEC and the Russians have temporarily curtailed USA shale oil production by lowering their prices. Williston will rise again but some of the 6-miles of flex duct delivered this summer may end up being installed in Fargo (another good story for a later time).


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