JPL Manufactured Housing Flex Duct (MH-25)

JPL Manufactured Housing Flex Duct (MH-25) is now offered in R4.2 & R-8 Thermal Values.
Manufactured Housing (aka Mobile-Homes) in specific regions of the country may now require R-8 Thermal Value insulation (previously most installations only required R4.2).
Manufactured Housing is found throughout the USA and in 2016 the industry built & installed over 120,000 units across the country. Only a small proportion of HVAC distributors actively offer products to the manufactured housing market but the wholesalers that do experience good margins and ROI’s. A majority of JPL Manufactured Homes (MH) shipments go to aftermarket (installations) rather than the OEM manufacture.
You may wish to investigate MH flex duct potential in your market – We have the right product at the right price if you have the inclination.



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