Gensco Customer Spotlight


Gensco, Inc. is a regional wholesale distributor of Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) equipment and supplies with headquarters located in Tacoma, WA. Gensco began serving contractors in 1947 and now operates 24 branches in five states and employs over 600 Team Members. Gensco prides itself with partnering with its customers by providing them with the skills and resources they need to help them grow their own businesses. Furthermore, Gensco’s attentive focus on superior customer service has aided our customers in improving efficiencies and lowering their cost of doing business. In addition to its distribution business, Gensco is also a manufacturer of high-quality sheet metal products sold under the Columbia brand name. With the combination of both distribution and manufacturing expertise, Gensco has established itself as a trusted partner to HVAC contractors in the northwestern United States.

Gensco’s history began shortly after World War II, when Gene Walters realized that HVAC contractors in the south Puget Sound area were underserved by local distributors. To fill this need, Gene would drive to Seattle, fill his station wagon with inventory, and commute back down to Tacoma to sell supplies out of the trunk of his car. Eventually Gene’s hard work paid off and he opened his first physical location in Tacoma. This enabled him to better serve his growing customer base. Gene prided himself on keeping a well-stocked and organized shop, and these principles remain core values of Gensco today. Gensco gradually opened more branches, as its presence expanded through the northwest. Today, employing the basic values that Gene advocated, Gensco is led by second and third generation family members and continues to be a leading HVAC supplier in the Pacific Northwest.

The JPL / Gensco relationship goes back 30+ years and 3 generations of employees and management teams. A majority of Gensco’s flex duct is supplied from JPL’s Fresno, CA facility and the balance is shipped from JPL’s facility in Denver, CO. Gensco’s large & diverse customer base uses many of JPL’s products including all 3 R-Values, Black & Metalized Vapor Barriers, 25’, 45’ & 50’ lengths, Non-Insulated, Acoustic and occasionally Anti-Microbial flex duct. JPL is proud & honored to be a key supplier/vendor of Gensco for all these years.


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