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JPL, along with other major flex duct manufacturers, founded the Air Diffusion Council (ADC) in 1988. Since ADC’s founding, JPL has been an active participant and member for 27 years.

By 1988, flex duct was the air distribution system of choice in many regions across the country. Several of the older flex duct companies (i.e., JPL circa 1961) decided that a trade association should be formed to encourage higher standards within the industry. Since ADC’s inception, engineering and product education have been the focus of ADC.

Of particular accomplishment was ADC’s standardization of flex duct installation procedures. The standardized installation instruction adopted in 1989 reduced leakage significantly and made flex duct connections considerably more secure. Adopting and publishing the first Flexible Duct Performance & Installation Standard was another milestone for ADC. The sixth edition of this standard (referred to as the Green Book) will be available in early 2016.

Another major accomplishment of ADC was the creation in 1998 of the Certified R-Value Program. This program resolved any confusion or questions concerning the true thermal resistance (R-Value) of an insulated flexible air duct.

Current ADC discussions involve improving test methods of pressure ratings and full-scale (as installed) friction loss testing by an independent third party testing facility. Both bring further clarity and understanding to some current flex duct misconceptions.

John Lamborn served as ADC’s first president from May 1988 through December 1990. Jason Lamborn served as president of the association from 2010-2012. Tom Guyett (JPL Engineering Manager, retired) served on the ADC engineering committee 1988 – 2012, and Jason Shelton (JPL’s current engineering manager) presently serves on the ADC engineering committee. Tom Guyett and Jason Shelton also served on UL’s STP (Standards Technical Panel) pertaining to UL-181 and UL-0181B.

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