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Everyone in the flex duct business gets a passing grade meeting and complying with UL-181. Many of the 16 UL-181 tests date back to 1962 when the standard was first adopted. UL-181 has been a good standard over the years especially when it comes to fire and smoke ratings. The present UL-181 Tests for Air Ducts and Air Connectors are as follows:


When you’ve been in the flex duct business as long as JPL has (54 years & counting), you learn through experience that there’s more involved to manufacturing a quality flexible air duct than meets the eye.

Over the years, JPL has added a stable of additional tests that have made our brand one of the top quality flexible air ducts in the country. Here’s the list of additional tests (above & beyond the 16 UL-181 tests) that JPL conducts either daily, weekly or monthly to assure that JPL flex duct maintains its best-in-class reputation when it comes to top quality products.

• Core Water Soak – Daily
• Finished Good Lengths – Numerous Times Daily
• Positive Pressure ratings at Elevated Temperatures- Bi-Monthly
• Core Positive Wire Cast – Bi-Weekly
• Jacket & Core Adhesive Weights – Numerous Times Daily
• Core Circumference calibration –Bi-Monthly
• Strength of Poly-bag Packaging Seal – Random on Every Receipt of Material
• Core Rub / Delamination – Numerous Times Daily
• Polyester Film Coating (Blue Dot) – Each Roll on Every Receipt
• Insulation density weights – Random on Every Receipt
• Wire Gauge Verifications – Random on Every Receipt

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Screen Shot 2015-06-16 at 3.52.19 PM