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Product Data Sheets

Standard Air Ducts

Silver Jacket MHP-25

Silver Jacket MHP-45

Silver Jacket MHP-50

Black Jacket PR-25

Black Jacket PR-45

Black Jacket PR-50

Silver Jacket MF-05

Specialty Products

Acoustic Duct AMF-05

Acoustic Duct AMR-25

Antimicrobial Duct AMBII-25

Mobile Home Duct MH-25

High Pressure Duct FHP-25

Air Connectors

Non Insulated MNI-25

Thermal Sleeve

Thermal Sleeve MT-05

Installation Instructions

Air Ducts & Connectors w/out fittings

Air Ducts & Connectors with fittings

Installation using mastics

Bathroom Fan Installation Procedures

Thermal Sleeve

Warranty Information

JPL is among only a few manufacturers to provide a 10-year Limited Warranty on Flexible Duct.

10 Year Warranty

Packaging Guide

Please reference this Packaging Guide to determine package dimensions, weight, cube & pallet quantities for cartons and poly-bags. We encourage customers to purchase in full pallet quantities. Poly-bags must be ordered in full bundle quantities.

Quantities for less than full pallets of cartons will be shipped loose and will not be subject to a shipping discrepancy claim.

Packaging Guide

AMBlue II Antimicrobrial Fact Sheet

If moisture is present in an HVAC system, the potential for mold growth exists. An HVAC system may contribute to IAQ problems when not protected against contaminants.

Mold Litigation is high profile and large judgements are driving up insurance premiums. Many insurance underwriters are excluding mold coverage or providing supplemental coverage at higher costs. Specifying "State of the Art" materials by building owners, architects, engineers and mechanical contractors can be viewed as one of the best ways to minimize liability


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