Customer Spotlight – Winsupply


JPL has had the pleasure of doing business with Winsupply for 33-years. The relationship began in 1986 in Prescott, Arizona when Mike Smith took the plunge and became a JPL distributor. Over the next several years JPL added more individual Win Companies, but it wasn’t until 2004 that JPL forged an relationship at the corporate office in Dayton, Ohio. Since that time JPL’s business with Winsupply has grown and we now do business with Winsupply locations in 35 states across the country. JPL supplies Win’s Distribution Centers in Middleton, CT., Denver, Co. and recently was chosen to supply flexible duct to their newest DC in Jacksonville, FL. In addition to shipments to DC’s, JPL also direct ships various Winsupply’s across the USA.


About Winsupply – Winsupply creates wholesaling ventures with local Win Company presidents and their employees that provide all interested parties with mutually profitable ownership opportunities. The result of these ownership opportunities – the Win Family of Companies – is a collection of wholesale distribution companies operated by entrepreneurs who are backed up by the resources Winsupply provides. There are presently approximately 600 Win Family companies in 45 states. Winsupply is a leading national wholesale distributor and is one of America’s largest privately held companies.


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