Customer Spotlight – Heating & Cooling Supply Co.

Heating & Cooling Supply Co. was established by Ralph Winterbottom on November 15, 1942. It was incorporated under the laws of the state of Iowa on December 28, 1955 as Heating & Cooling Supply Co. Inc.

In the early years the company stocked plumbing fixtures, heating and air conditioning equipment and industrial supplies. The company operated as a wholesaler and developed a broad customer base around these product lines.

As the company evolved into its current ownership and management team, its focus and customer base changed. Today Heating & Cooling Supply Co. concentrates primarily on heating & air conditioning equipment and accessories, and has developed a strong and loyal dealer network across Iowa and western Illinois. Heating & Cooling Supply Co. currently has locations in Waterloo, Cedar Rapids, Davenport & Des Moines.

Heating & Cooling Supply Co. Inc. joined the JPL national distributor network in 2015. JPL’s Denver plant serves Heating & Cooling Supply on a JIT basis with few if any backorders. To meet local contractor needs, Heating & Cooling Supply carries large inventories of JPL’s types; MNI25, PR25B, PR25R6B, PR25R8B & Thermal Sleeves. JPL is a proud and grateful partner and supplier of Heating & Cooling Supply.

Steve Roe – VP of Heating & Cooling Supply – was nice enough to send our Regional Manager John Phillips the following testimonial; “Before doing business with John Phillips and JPL I considered flex to be just a commodity product. But I cannot express how much outstanding customer service and the ease of doing business with a company can change one’s mind.  We greatly appreciate our partnership with JPL and wish all of our vendors were as easy to work with.”


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