Customer Spotlight – Fresno & Bakersfield Air Conditioning Supply Co.

Fresno & Bakersfield Air Conditioning Supply Co. (aka – FACSCO & BACSCO)


Maurice Glascock first began buying & selling Evaporative Coolers to homeowners in Bakersfield, CA. in 1943. Evaporate coolers sales were brisk as the summer months in the California’s central valley are very hot. In 1946 Maurice established Capital Sales & Service selling the Arctic Circle line of evaporative coolers. Business continued to grow and prosper and in 1949 Maurice started to manufacture his own cooler pads. 1952 was another big step for Capital Sales as the company added Lennox Furnaces to its offering. The business transitioned to BACSCO in the mid 1950’s and Maurice opened FACSCO in Fresno, Ca in 1958.

Steve McBride joined the company in 1979 and later managed the business for the Glascock family. In 2009 Steve purchased FACSCO & BACSCO and remains today an active & involved owner of the business. FACSCO & BACSCO presently represents & stocks over 100 different HVAC lines and an active Blue Hawk member since 2007. FACSCO is currently expanding with an additional 30,000 sq. ft. of warehouse being added this year.


Fun Footnote – FACSCO & BACSCO is one of JPL’s oldest customers. Jack Lamborn sold FACSCO & BACSCO flex duct almost 60 years ago!!



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