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In 1986 Ray Lemons and his wife Vernelle opened a small HVAC supply shop in Mesquite, TX called AACA Parts & Supplies.  Soon after starting up, their children Loyce and Brad joined the company.  After several years of growth & success, AACA opened additional branches to better serve its growing customer base.  Presently AACA operates 9 branches and a large Distribution Center in the DFW metroplex. AACA currently distributes Bryant, Payne, Mammoth VRF, First Co., Allstyle coils, and a full line of HVAC parts and supplies. The family baton has been passed and Brad and Loyce now own the business and hold the positions of President and Vice President.

AACA’s mission statement is simple, “We serve our customers with courtesy and knowledge to the best of our ability and have a family-like atmosphere for ease of doing business with.”

AACA Quote – “When we’re looking for vendor partners, the vendor’s mission is something we consider. JPL fits well with our mission. You know you are dealing with people that have family values, and that is very important to AACA.  Selling a high-quality flex duct, and innovative products such as AMBlue antimicrobial, AMR acoustical, and special lengths gives us an advantage in a tough HVAC market like DFW and the surrounding towns and cities.

JPL has had the pleasure of doing business with AACA Parts & Supplies since January of 2019.  AACA stocks and sells MHP25R6B and MHP25R8B, along with Mobile Home MH25R8B, MNI non-insulated, thermal sleeve and recently decided to stock JPL’s AMBlue antimicrobial.  AACA is serviced by the JPL facility in Denver, CO.  Denver’s ability to ship AACA orders timely between 4-7 business days year-round, has only added to the partnership between the 2 companies.

After only a 12-month partnership, JPL was awarded “2019 Vendor of the Year” at AACA’s annual dealer meeting.  AACA’s Sales Manager Gary Smothers said “We do not take this award lightly.  AACA has a tough grading scale when determining vendor of the year. This year JPL won in a land slide.  AACA is honored to have JPL as a vendor partner and very pleased to have John Phillips as our factory direct salesmen.  John Phillips makes sure that AACA is taken care of 24/7 and AACA definitely feels part of the JPL family.”

JPL is looking forward to many more years of growth and success with AACA Parts & Supplies!


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