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Technical Corner – ADC Thermal Performance

In the early days of insulated flexible duct, each manufacturer published their individual thermal values (R-Value) using various methods and test standards which caused confusion in the marketplace. Over time engineers, contractors and code officials required a standardized method...

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Update – Flexible Duct Under Assault –

Since our last eNews on the subject of Flexible Ducts Under Assault for Illogical Reasons (see original article below) the IAPMO Technical Committee has begun to “think twice” on limiting the use of flexible air duct on residential construction...

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Flexible Air Ducts Under Assault for illogical Reasons

The Air Duct Council (ADC) emphatically disagrees with the proposed arbitrary five (5) feet length limit of flexible air ducts for residential applications in the next edition of the Uniform Mechanical Code (UMC). No technical justification has been provided...

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