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Packaging Size & R-Value

Why are JPL Flexible Air Duct Packages Longer than some of the Competitor’s Packages?? Customers may comment that JPL products are packaged in containers longer in length than several of our competitor’s.  The length of JPL’s package (both cartons...

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JPL Sales Tools – Making Your Job Easier

To help JPL distributors explain or demonstrate all the reasons why JPL Flex Duct is a great value we’ve produced 6 short videos to show your contractors why we are “Best in Class”.  The videos are easily found @...

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JPL Flexible Duct with Owens Corning® EcoTouch® Insulation

Like you, JPL has choices in who we do business with. Fiberglass insulation is a key raw material in the construction of flexible air duct and it’s important to partner with a vendor who shares many of the same...

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Employee Spotlight – Phil Garo & Andrew Rozario

It’s all about People JPL has been busy behind the scenes for several years adding new & innovative people to our team. Good companies have exceptional people. Meet Phil & Andrew our 2 newest additions to the JPL team....

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Customer Spotlight – National Wholesale Supply Inc.

In 2002 Charlie Reynolds started National Wholesale Supply Inc. with 2 locations in Denton and Mesquite Texas with only 5 people. Today National Wholesale Supply has 29 locations in Texas and 1 in Oklahoma and Louisiana.For the past 16...

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Flex Duct Price Increase

It’s been 3-Years since the price of Flex Duct increased. During those 3 -years JPL has absorbed higher general & administrative expenses across the board. Raw material costs were stagnant for 18 – 24 months but raw material costs...

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Upcoming Trade Show Events

 If by chance you are attending the upcoming HARDI convention in Las Vegas or the AHR Expo in Chicago we’re hoping our paths cross. The HARDI Conference this year is at the Aria Hotel in Las Vegas. Please stop...

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JPL Advertising is Generating Brand Recognition & Pull through Business for JPL Distributors

JPL has been busy the last several years advertising our brand, products and features. JPL distributors have benefited from these efforts. The national edition of the HVAC Insider has been our favorite way to deliver the message. It’s not...

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Does Your Flex Duct Measure Up?

Does Your Flex Duct Measure Up is the latest advertisement that JPL has created within the last 2-years and will be seen in HVAC Insider (national edition) this month. In addition to “Does Your Flex Duct Measure Up?” JPL...

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