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Featured Product – Thermal Sleeve

FEATURED PRODUCT – JPL Sells miles & miles of Thermal Sleeves in certain states & cities but other regions of the country we come up empty handed. We think the difference between miles & miles and empty handed is...

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FHP25 – High Pressure – R4.2 – R6 – R8 Thermal Values

FHP25 – High Pressure – R4.2 – R6 – R8 Thermal Values To set the record straight we seldom come across a high-pressure HVAC air distribution system that operates over 4” positive water column. Having said that, we do...

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JPL Manufactured Housing Flex Duct (MH-25)

JPL Manufactured Housing Flex Duct (MH-25) is now offered in R4.2 & R-8 Thermal Values. Manufactured Housing (aka Mobile-Homes) in specific regions of the country may now require R-8 Thermal Value insulation (previously most installations only required R4.2). Manufactured...

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Skys the limit 1

The Sky is the Limit

JPL’s unique method of bundling & palletizing poly-bag flex duct packaging continues to be “Best in Class” for distributors and contractors alike. Safe, organized and efficient, JPL customers understand the benefits of well-engineered packaging. Warehouse space is both expensive...

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MNI25 Non-Insulated Shipments Are Robust

JPL’s national market share of non-insulated flexible duct in years past were below our market share of insulated flex duct. We prioritized non-insulated flex duct as a potential growth product and identified several things we needed to improve. To...

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Featured Product – Thermal Sleeve

Thermal Sleeves sales potential is best directed towards NRC contractors who still use snap lock pipe in their air distribution systems and Mechanical contractors who specialize in Design Build projects. Many HVAC & Insulating contractors are not aware that...

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AMR25 5 Reasons to Choose

5 Reasons to Choose AMR25 Acoustic Flex Duct over Competitive Brands There are five reasons to choose AMR25 acoustic flex duct over competitive brands: Superior acoustic properties Lower prices Prompt shipments Prompt shipments Prompt shipments This ad will be...

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AMBlue the 2nd Generation

JP Lamborn Co. is pleased to announce a new and improved 2nd generation of our popular AMBlue Antimicrobial flex duct. AMBlue antimicrobial flex duct was introduced by JPL in 2004 and was the first insulated flexible air duct specifically...

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50’ foot flex duct has been a staple of JPL’s growth & success since the 50’ lengths were introduced in 1984 (28-years ago). Background – Almost all flex ducts prior to 1984 were made only in 25’ lengths. Flex...

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Featured Product – AMR25

The Notable Installation in this eLetter involved JPL’s acoustic flexible duct so it’s only fitting that we feature AMR25. JPL’s AMR25 acoustic flex duct has earned a strong following as a result of its superior acoustical design and performance....

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